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The construction company you are working for as a project manager has been extremely successful in the recent years. The management hired four more project managers to deal with the amount of potential projects they were getting. One of the employees of the company is a good friend of yours. He is mainly responsible for funds allocation and project selection. You know his family and your kids go to the same high school. Yesterday your friend told you during the dinner at his house that he has a secret to share. He told you that he has been using the extra funds of the company for personal investments. Also he explained that he returns the money within a few months as he makes smart investments and it pays off fast. Therefore, he felt there was nothing bad in borrowing some money from the company as long as it's returned. Your friend offered you to do the same thing as there were a lot of funds that the company wouldn't need at the moment. He reminded you that soon you would need money to send your child to college and he knows some low risk investments that would pay off fast. What should you do in this situation?