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lock iconProject Management Responsibility

The PMO of your company has a policy stating that the project manager needs to be informed of and invited to all project related meetings. Accidentally, you find out that one of your team members scheduled a meeting with a key stakeholder that you were not informed of. You've had some problems with this stakeholder, because he is not happy with you as a project manager. The team member and the stakeholder are close friends outside of work. You've heard that the team member thinks the PMO policy regarding notifying and inviting project managers to all meetings is intrusive and gets in the way of effective communications with stakeholders. Also, the fact that project managers are not always available to attend meetings doesn't make it easier. The team member feels the lack of trust. The team member filed a couple of complaints to other departmental leaders and the PMO has been asked to review the policy. In this situation the best course of action for the project manager would be: